Once in a Blue Moon

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(ENGLISH Translation)

Not long ago, I brought this bundle of bananas from the supermarket.
In the beginning, all the bananas were hard and green.
After a few days, slowly, they turned into that ripe yellowy colour one by one.
One of the banana was left behind….that same old green colour.

When we were little kids, we always wanted to be a grown up.
Might feel a bit insecure and worried when you see the other kids at school grown taller, more mature and independent….but you stayed pretty much the same.
You probably did not realize,
our starting points varied right from the beginning we were born.
Sometimes you wish you can fly and achieve more in a short time,
but we have limitations.
As a matter of fact, taking one step at a time, you achieve the same results.
The word “slow”, is another approach to life.
You never know,
people who leaps,
may feel worried that they did not have the time to enjoy the whole process of growing up.

Back to that last banana on the plate.
It did turn yellow after a few weeks….
Long wait…but doesn’t really matter.
( Still made one very nice as breakfast….yum~~~~(^0^)/﹞